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What is a webardy?

A webardy is a list of guest - in which your guests sign up themselves. Know at any given time and from everywhere how will join your party and what music is requested. Announce at any time an from every any kind of party-related information at the parties blackboard.

How does a webardy work?

Step 1: Enter your e-mail address and the date of your party.
Step 2: Select webardy: webardy - online party (free of charge, without beverage enquiry), webardy - offline party (free of charge, with beverage enquiry) or webardy - party package (with beverage enquiry and the later option of buying party packages [10.00 € per party package, including VAT, packaging and shipping, each guest receives a package with beverage(s) and snacks - guest can choose between three (3) beers, one (1) bottle of wine or three (3) non-alcoholic beverages).
Step 3: Click on the "create webardy" button.
Step 4: The system confirms the creations of your webardy and dispalys to weblinks. One weblink for your guests (we call it guestlink). And one weblink for you (we call ist hostlink.
Step 5: Send the guestlink to everyone you want to invite (by mail, whatsapp®, telegram etc).By clicking the guestlinks your guest will browse to the guestarea. There they will be invented to leave their name as a confirmation that they are pleased to come. Furthermore, your guest can find there a blackboard with recent informatione about your party, a list of music titels, other guests hve already requested, the possibility to request music titels by themself and, if you have choosen webardy - offline or webardy - party package, their prefeered beverages and, if you have choosen webardy - party package the full name and postal adress to receive the party package.
GOOD TO KNOW: The system sends an e-mail to the e-mail-adress you have given. You can find your >i>guestlink and your hostlink in that e-mail as well. However, we raccomand you to save your hostlink before you close the confirmation site. Step 6: Check the current status of your guest list and the current music requests at any time and from everywhere by clicking on the hostlink. In the host area, furthermore, you can announce information for your guest on the black board and, if you have chosen the webardy party package, buy the party packages.

Are there any fees or costs?

NO, a webardy is free of charge. You can order party packages for your guests in the online shop on the host page if you have chosen the webardy - party package. However, even if you have chosen the webardy party package, this is NOT obligatory.

Am I entering into any obligations?

When you create a webardy, you are not entering into any obligation. If you have chosen the webardy - party package, you can order party packages for your guests. When you order party packages, you (only) enter into a commitment when you click on "Order subject to payment" on the host page of the online shop."

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